Edith Deyerling

18. 3. – 29. 4. 2023

Once upon a time, there was a striking abstract red painting titled Look 4 by the artist Edith Deyerling. It was a chaotic composition of lines, shapes and splashes of red that seemed to dance on the canvas. Many people would stare at the painting trying to make sense of it, but it remained a mystery.

One day, a curious young man named Jack walked into the gallery where the painting was on display. He had heard that the painting was said to have some sort of hidden meaning, and he was determined to find out what it was. He stared at the painting for what felt like hours, trying to find a clue, a hint, anything.

As he was about to give up, he noticed a small, almost imperceptible, dot of yellow hidden among the red. He leaned in closer, squinting at the dot, and suddenly the painting came to life. The lines and shapes began to move and the colors shifted, forming a kind of a three-dimensional landscape.

Jack found himself standing in the middle of a vast, red desert. The sun was setting and the sky was filled with a fiery orange and pink hues. He looked around and saw that there was a small oasis in the distance, with a palm tree and a little pond. He knew that was where he was supposed to go.

As he walked towards the oasis, he saw a figure standing by the pond. It was a woman, dressed in a flowing red gown, with wild red hair, she looked like she was made of the same colors as the painting. The woman turned to him and said, “Welcome, Jack. I am Edith Deyerling, the artist who created the painting Look 4. I created this world for people to find answers to their questions.”

Jack was amazed, he had many questions he wanted to ask her, but the first one that came to mind was “What’s the meaning of this painting?”

Edith smiled and said, “The meaning of the painting is different for everyone who looks at it. For some, it might be a reminder to look for beauty in chaos, for others it might be a call to action, to look for answers and solutions. For you, it’s a reminder to look for the hidden, the small things that make a big difference. The yellow dot you found is a symbol of hope, a way out of the red desert.”

Jack understood and thanked Edith for the experience. He realized that the painting was not just a static image but a portal to another world and that he could come back to it whenever he needed guidance. As he left the gallery, he knew that he would always look for the hidden and the small things in life.

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Edith Deyerling, ktmh, 2023, Invitation