Art Basel Parcours 2024

Edith Deyerling
10. – 16. 6. 2024

Art Basel Parcours 2024
Curated by Stefanie Hessler
Claraplatz 2 
4058 Basel

Dare Me Do – Touch Me Too, 2024
Site-specific installation consisting of two paintings and UV light activated by dawn

Dare Me Do – Touch Me Too is a two-part installation by Edith Deyerling conceived specially for Art Basel Parcours. During the day, the paintings on canvas installed in the window display show abstract, sign-like figures that are reminiscent of hands, faces, or eyes. Those iconographies are set against dynamic abstract compositions of bold shapes, repeated lines, and spraypainted markings. Interlacing sections of translucent paint and areas of untreated canvas make the painted forms appear to be levitating above the surface.
After dawn, time-triggered UV lights illuminate the paintings and reveal a hidden layer within the artworks, transforming them into glowing worlds reminiscent of bioluminescent deep-sea environments. Revealing a second layer marked by the shift from day to night, this transposition discloses a dimension of making that usually remains hidden, like a secret craft, or a hidden track on a record.