Joint Ventures at KOW Berlin

Milena Büsch, Simon Lässig, Vera Lutz
18. 6. – 24. 7. 2021

Opening Hours Gallery Weekend Summer Special

Friday, 18. 6. 2021: 12:00 – 19:00
Saturday, 19. 6. 2021: 12:00 – 19:00
Sunday,  20. 6. 2021: 12:00 – 19:00

Joint Ventures is a year-long program inviting international galleries to present exhibitions at KOW in Berlin. In a moment of limited activities in institutions and a move towards the virtual space, we want to highlight the importance of the physical gallery in the art world and celebrate it as a place for collaborative and friendly activities among colleagues. The participants are (in order of appearance) Modern Art (London), Galerie Nächst St. Stephan Rosemarie Schwarzwälder (Vienna), FELIX GAUDLITZ (Vienna), Carlos/Ishikawa (London), Company Gallery (New York) and Galeria Jaqueline Martins (São Paulo, Brussels).

For Joint Ventures FELIX GAUDLITZ will show new works by Milena Büsch, Simon Lässig and Vera Lutz. On the occasion of the event, saxpublishers will launch Möbel und Lampen, Milena Büsch’s most recent artist’s book, and will present recent publications and editions.

Milena Büsch (*1980) lives and works in Frankfurt and Berlin. Recent exhibitions include Floater, Galerie der Stadt Schwaz, AT, 2021; apartmeant, forgo, Berlin, DE, 2020; Battle Royale, FELIX GAUDLITZ, Vienna, AT, 2019; Milena Büsch, Geld, London, UK, 2019

Simon Lässig (*1992) lives and works in Berlin. Recent exhibitions and projects include Not working, Kunstverein München, DE, 2020, projections with Vera Lutz, NousmoulesVienna, AT, 2019; Simon Lässig, FELIX GAUDLITZVienna, AT, 2019 and Darcy Lange: Work Studies in Schools, Mavra, Berlin, DE, 2019

Vera Lutz (*1992) lives and works in Berlin. Recent exhibitions include Caspar, Sgomento Zurigo, Zurich, CH, 2020; ZTU, Piper Keys, London, UK, 2019; projections with Simon Lässig, Nousmoules, Vienna, AT, 2019; LUTZ, FELIX GAUDLITZ, Vienna, AT, 2018 

fig. 609

Milena Büsch, Simon Lässig, Vera Lutz, KOW Joint Ventures, 2021, Installation view

fig. 610

Simon Lässig, Untitled, 2021, Wool, ca. 200 × 140 cm (78.740 × 58.118 in)

fig. 611

Milena Büsch, Untitled, 2021, Oil on paper, 2 parts, ca. 28,5 × 45 cm (11.220 × 17.717 in)

fig. 612

Milena Büsch, Simon Lässig, Vera Lutz, KOW Joint Ventures, 2021, Installation view

fig. 613

Vera Lutz, Womb, 2021, Digital print on paper, tape, 260 × 330 cm (102.362 × 129.921 in)