Lisa Radon, Age of Sand

11. 10. 2019

Reading: Friday, 11 October, 19:00

Age of Sand is a book of log entries that imagines impossible interconnectivities, rewritings and rewrightings of the digital and the analog, the past and the future through a cyberfeminist lens. What are the qualities of the permeable membrane between the digital and the analog, and how might exploits in the former facilitate a reshaping of the latter? More generally, while the threats at this juncture may be obvious, what might we say are the possibilities? 

Artist and poet Lisa Radon reads from her new book Age of Sand on the occassion of the exhibition Tribe-Specific, organized by Katherine Pickard at FELIX GAUDLITZ, Vienna.

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Lisa Radon, Age of Sand, 2019
Designed by Neil Doshi. Typeset in Latin Modern Roman, CMU Typewriter, Fetamont, Happy Times, Arial, and Symbola. Printed in an edition of 300 by Container Corps in Portland, Oregon. Cover letterpress printed and the edition sewn and bound by the artist.
Published by PANEL, Los Angeles.